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Columbine First Responder Urges Schools to Hire Security

FOX News Insider | February 22, 2018

Grant Whitus, a former SWAT team leader who was the first officer to enter Columbine High School in Colorado during the shooting there in 1999, argued that any school district that doesn’t have armed security will be “setting themselves up for a lawsuit.”

“It’s very disheartening to see this happen again and see the same problems we had at Columbine happening 19 years later,” Whitus said on “Your World” on Thursday.

He said he’s spent those years training schools, law enforcement and guards on how to respond to an active-shooter situation, yet some schools still don’t have the necessary professionals and precautions in place.

“I’ve heard ‘it’s never going to happen here, it’s not going to happen here,’ but guess what? It’s happening everywhere, and it happens every month,” Whitus said. “So prepare for it, hire somebody to protect your children and let them go to school that way.”

He noted that his company, BOSS High Level Protection, provides armed guards at private schools across Colorado, and they have yet to have an incident at one of those schools.

“Why is not everybody doing that same thing?” he asked.


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