Security Guard License Training – Denver County

BOSS is a registered and approved Security Guard License training provider for the city and county of Denver

The city and county of Denver, Colorado requires that any individual or business providing security services must obtain a Security Guard License from a provider that is registered and approved by the state. In addition to this, an armed security guard must obtain an armed endorsement from a registered provider. BOSS’ Basic Security Guard License training is a 16 hour course that covers the following and certifies guards to operate in the city and county of Denver:

  • Duties of a security guard
  • Communication protocols and procedure
  • Interaction with law enforcement
  • Use of force


For Armed Security Guards, there is an additional 5 hours of classroom firearms instruction and 3 hours of live firing range instruction required. Armed endorsements must be conducted by an NRA or POST firearms instructor.

Staff Security Training Services

Ensure your staff knows how to respond in the instance that a situation occurs. Our staff security training courses teach your personnel how to identify threats, mitigate potential situations, and what to do should a situation take place.