Congregation / Synagogue Preservation

As awful as it is, no place is safe anymore.

According to, there were almost 150 violent incidences at churches across the country in 2012, 40 of those resulted in loss of life. These alarming statistics have drawn a large focus to the current standards of security in various congregations and synagogues.

Our goal is to provide services to these Holy places that are above reproach. BOSS High Level Protection aims to put our top operators through more training than any other firm in the industry and with over 80 hours of training geared specifically to this scenario, our operators will perform at a higher level than even standard police officers.


There has been an astonishing increase in threats to congregations of all faiths and denominations in the last several years.

With an alarming increase in threats to congregations of all faiths and denominations in the last several years, we strongly encourage the representatives that make decisions for these organizations to ask themselves if they are comfortable with their current security situation? More and more, we are finding organizations are asking for volunteers from their members or, at best, hiring off duty police officers to handle security.

At this point, we again ask the question, are you actually comfortable with your current security situation? More often than not, decision makers and leaders of these are not fully aware of threats they are facing or worse yet, overestimate the abilities of their volunteer force or off duty officer.


What we do best.

Our operators are combat veterans that have served overseas and been in situations that the average citizen cannot fathom. Our training is exceeded by no one in the industry and even rivals that of most police forces who have a standard of one training day per year.