Corporate / Business Security

We take pride in providing safe and secure workplaces for your employees.

Whether it’s daily operations or special events, our security experts provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that your product, personnel, and property are safely protected.


How we do it.

We strive to identify and mitigate any threat to a corporation before it even develops. We specialize in reduction in force, extensive employment screening at the executive level, asset protection, retention of valuable information, on-site security and active shooter response.

Corporate security includes background checks on regular and essential employees, helping you make educated decisions about who you hire.


What we do best.

Our highly trained operators are the number one asset that sets us apart from our competition. Thoroughly vetted operators complete 80 hours of high level training covering a range of real world scenarios to ensure they’re prepared to protect you and your business against potential threats.

From asset and information protection to active shooter response, our operators help keep your business safe.